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3rd-Aug-2011 10:20 pm - Forest's Poison
+C: Mariebelle
Beware of Jealous Witches

Random 1: rollingpeach (new mod) - *hugs for keeping this community alive*
Random 2: asabiesa (prev mod) - *hugs for being alive*

6th-Jun-2011 09:20 pm - Arcana Anthology Chapter List
May this volume index be a helpful reference for the stories available in each Arcana Anthology volume that has been published.

Thank/Worship the following for translating these titles for us: fuji_kujaku , sanada , b1px , and whoever did the titles upto volume 4 back then.
Thank/Worship the following for helping me on the corrections, suggestions, etc.: asabiesa , waterbutterfly , and demiotaku
Thank/Worship this person for sharing the scans of the table of contents and for making this post possible: rollingpeach

There are a total 15 Arcana Volumes so far. Volume 15's theme is School (Uniform). But for now, we only have titles of the first fourteen volumes. Some text are still in kanji, so if you could figure out how to translate them in Romaji/English, please share.

List under the cutCollapse )
7th-Jun-2011 09:23 pm - We Released Such a Story
+C: Mariebelle
As the title says, we did~ Enjoy~ =D

I've also updated the spreadsheet.

to rollingpeach  : were you able to receive the code for the chapters index?
15th-Mar-2011 07:01 pm - LE DROIT D'AIMER - Haibara Yak
Two releases this time round \D:/

They both have the same title and are found in volume 1 Butler and volume 8 Butler II in Arcana Anthology. LE DROIT D'AIMER I has been done long ago by another group but for the sake of consistency we've redone it.

I hope you all enjoy it!
1st-Mar-2011 12:54 pm - Scanlation Project Revelations
Hetalia: Comfort
I'll try my best to update the current index pages in this comm in the future. But for now, let me announce TZA's latest Arcana Anthology Release: Wednesday Swing Yup, it's been released by Dango Scans already. But since we're already more than halfway on this one, we finished it anywayz. ^^; We don't wish for further duplicates though (this is like the 3rd time already, but no, no stupid grudges on the other groups. But we really want to avoid having a 4th time).  So, to all scanlation groups planning to scanlate an (or more)  Arcana oneshots, please inform us on which you are going to do (or have already started) so we could avoid them. We have also listed those that we have already picked in these posts: Upcoming Arcana Anthology Projects Future Arcana Anthology Projects Please check those out in case we haven't updated the spreadsheet (like now. Google Spreadsheets is blocked in where I'm in at the moment o_O). If you have your own list posted online, please share them too. Alright, that's all for now I guess.
26th-Feb-2011 03:40 pm - Arcana+

Got my Arcana+ recently so I thought I'd share some more details on it...
There's two of them to date, the themes are Boys in Uniform (left) and Male Seniors (right).
Interestingly, neither of them have volume numbers and they only advertise each other at the end (ie. no plans for more Arcana+ atm?). There are no bonus illustrations like the ones seen in the Arcana series.
List of mangaka in Arcana+Collapse )
26th-Feb-2011 03:00 pm - Two arcana updates
House keeping stuff since both of these were released a while ago but never posted here :'D

Both from volume 16,

The Snake King – Kayase Shiki
Hyakunen Ibara to Shiranai Himegimi – Akazaki Mutsumi

/poofs away
26th-Feb-2011 04:17 am - Scanlation for volume 12 story 6
Hello everyone! I started liking Akanatsu's works ever since I read her oneshot "Suisou no naka no Konpeitou" in volume 5.

Because I had time to waste spare, and also because Mireille-san very kindly allowed me to use her raws, here's Akanatsu's oneshot:

Arcana volume 12 story 6
The Swings on Wednesday

I will, uh, figure out what I'm supposed to do with all the updates and pages and links and whatnot. *goes off looking for demi-chan*
9th-Dec-2010 11:26 pm - Arcana changes its name
Hetalia England
Hi everyone, the 16th volume of Arcana seems to be the last. But according to Ichijinsha editor's blog, there's a new volume which gonna be released on December the 25th. I think it's about "Uniforms" (according to the translator U_U...) and it'll contain oneshots by Takayama Shinobu, Saeki Yashiro, and some other ones *o*.

Here's the link to the post : http://ameblo.jp/comiczerosum/entry-10725720992.html
28th-Sep-2010 12:12 am - SCANLATION UPDATE: Vol09 Story 10
vampire knight
Arcana v09  Story 10 - Thanks Dogs Day

I released this on my site yesterday so I thought I'd post it here as well.  This is probably one of my favourite stories from this volume.  It's so cute!  If you keep up the spreadsheet, you'll know I've reserved this chapter for awhile now but only got around to working on it recently.  So as an apology:

Story 10: Thanks Dogs Day MU | MF
By: Aoto Takane
The government has declared a new experimental national day in which all the dogs will become human beings for one day!  But the catch is...?

Hope you enjoyed this short story!  I love dogs, but I don't have one :(  How many of you have dogs?  If they could become human, how do you picture they would be like?
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